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Designed by UK heating contractor Chris Adey back in 2003, MagnaClean® was uniquely designed with contractors in mind and was developed by a team of experts to change the way system engineers and specifiers work.

Building owners and managers routinely blame boiler or circulator failure for problems that are actually the result of an accumulation of magnetite throughout the entire hydronic system, and as a result contractors are forced to perform countless warranty repairs. Magnetite, also known as iron oxide, is the unavoidable result of oxidation in an untreated system.

Magnetic filtration technology offers a simple cure for this problem at a modest cost, making the decision to install relatively easy. Installed in-line on the return before the boiler or side stream on the suction end of the heat pump, ADEY's range of magnetic dirt filters, along with Water Performance Technology's expert water treatment programs, offer a complete best-in-class solution for both new and retrofit systems.

See the exclusive range below:

MagnaClean Professional2TM

MagnaClean Professional2XPTM
MagnaClean Professional2XPTM
MagnaClean Professional2 comes with ¾" compression and 1" NPT connections, while MagnaClean Professional2XP comes with 1" compression and 1 ¼" NPT connections. Below are just some of their unique benefits:
  • In-line installation can be completed in just two minutes
  • Bi-directional flow means either port can be an inlet, increasing flexibility
  • 360° rotational valves for customizable installation options
  • Max working temp: 203°F / 95°C
  • Max working pressure: 87 PSI
  • Magnetic and non-magnetic debris capture
  • Unique sheath for cleaner and easier servicing
  • Convenient dosing point for ADEY's cleaner and inhibitor
MagnaClean Professional2 Installation and Servicing Guide

MagnaClean Professional2XP Installation and Servicing Guide

MagnaClean CommercialTM

MagnaClean CommercialTM

MagnaClean Commercial is the highest performing filter within ADEY's range; it utilizes a powerful, larger range of magnets designed to protect and maintain small to medium sized commercial hydronic heating systems to heavy industrial applications.

For system's where magnetite is a known issue, or for systems that are already suffering from part failures, MagnaClean Commercial should be the chosen option.

Engineered to ASME specification, the single cast moldings are readily available in 2", 3", 4", 6" and 8" pipe dimensions with ANSI standard flanges. The quality of the filter cast bodies is verified by X-ray analysis. The product also comes supplied with EPDM full-flange gaskets for robust sealing at high temperatures.

Please see mechanical contractor benefits below:
  • Construction conforms to ASME standards and is CRN approved
  • Exceptional magnetic capture of black iron oxide; up to 80% better when tested against traditional methods
  • Helps restore heating system efficiency and performance; up to 30% more efficient
  • Ongoing maintenance costs are reduced
  • Collects large and micro magnetic and scale particles
  • Compatible with all hydronic heating systems
  • Simple installation and servicing
  • Individually adjustable magnets for easier and safer servicing
MagnaClean Commercial Installation and Servicing Guide

MagnaClean Commercial Cut Sheet

MagnaClean Commercial Submittal

MagnaClean DRXTM

The next commercial band level in our range is the MagnaClean DRXTM. It is a cost-effective solution for small to medium sized commercial boiler systems with limited space. With only a 6" servicing clearance, the DRX is an alternative for when space is too limited to install a MagnaClean Commercial. The DRX should be used as a preventative measure rather than being used on a system with known issues.

The filter consists of an innovative magnetic belt, containing numerous high-performing neodymium magnets, wrapped around a precision engineered stainless-steel canister that simply unclips for easier servicing.

Built to ASME standards, the DRX is available to suit 2", 3" and 4" pipe sizes and is supplied with ANSI B.150 flanges with EPDM rubber gaskets for robust sealing at high temperatures.

Please see mechanical benefits below:
  • Patented design ensures low pressure loss
  • "Spring-loaded" magnets: Ensures magnets align properly with canister, maximizing capture
  • Product includes numerous neodymium magnets per filter (2" - 48 magnets, 3" - 64 magnets, 4" - 80 magnets), ensuring effective capture of magnetite though the stainless-steel wall of the canister
  • Press-fit installation for faster and easier installs in both new and retrofit applications
  • Suitable for in-line and side stream installations
  • Install on vertical and horizontal pipe runs
  • Lightweight - suitable for one-man lifting
MagnaClean DRX Cut Sheet

MagnaClean DRX Submittal

NEW - MagnaClean CMXTM

CMX Midi

CMX Midi

CMX Maxi

CMX Maxi

CMX Nano

CMX Nano

The MagnaClean CMX range of 316L stainless steel filters deliver adaptive, market-leading water system filtration, offering a completely flexible, bespoke approach to addressing the needs of commercial and industrial heating and chilled water systems.

The filter range has been specifically designed for use within small to large commercial and heavy industrial applications as side-stream filters with the Midi and Maxi models also providing market-leading inline filtration performance. Each model provides adaptive filtration options - magnetic or non-magnetic and combined, dual-filtration capabilities through the combination of powerful, neodymium magnets and superior spun-bonded filter cartridges and needlefelt bag filters.

The innovative MagnaClean CMX range of filters is a highly efficient and flexible product solution. Delivering market-leading dual-filtration performance, improved system efficiencies and reduced maintenance and running costs, the CMX range is an integral part of ADEY's compelling package of water management solutions and services for commercial heating and chilled water systems.

MagnaClean CMX Maxi Specs

MagnaClean CMX Midi Specs

MagnaClean CMX Nano Specs

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