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Solid Chemistry Water Treatment




WPT Solid SystemWater Performance Technology solid water treatment process enables mixing several chemical components into one container in a solid concentrate.

WPT's solid water treatment process enables mixing several chemical components into one container in a solid concentrate. Virtually all limitations of liquid chemicals are minimized or eliminated. Our solid-state water treatment products are manufactured based on best of breed, proven water treatment chemistry combinations. These products are transported in a low carbon footprint profile and applied easily at your site with a patented dissolving system. All of the benefits of a well-run chemical program without the hassles and dangers of dealing with liquids.

Make an impact and help your facility become safer and more sustainable by switching to solid chemistry technology.



WPT's solid chemistry water treatment programs are the stronger choice over liquid chemistry for organizations which have safety and sustainability goals.

WPT's solids are developed and produced using the EPA's Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, emphasizing safety, efficiency and conservation of resources.

Solids provide environmental and safety advantages that make the switch worth it:


  • Eliminate the risk of discharging hazardous liquid chemicals into the environment during shipment, storage or application.
  • Improve operator safety by reducing exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Eliminate dangerous and offensive odors or fumes.
  • Smaller profile blended solid concentrate water treatment products are safe and simple to apply; meaning safer, cleaner mechanical rooms.
  • A 55-gallon drum, weighing 500 pounds, will consume 2.5 more gallons of diesel fuel per typical shipment than a 44-pound case of solids with the same amount of active ingredients.
  • Plastic savings from reduced product container size and fully recyclable containers for solids. Liquids using pails or drums are not recyclable and must be rinsed and disposed of in landfills.
  • Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) savings from reduced power to produce NaOH.
  • Water savings associated with rinsing drums.
  • Water savings associated with increased cycles of concentration.
  • Space savings in mechanical room.
  • Eliminates need for eye wash station installation and maintenance.
  • Maximize utility efficiencies and equipment life.
  • Control corrosion, reduce scale deposits and eliminate microbiological deposits and fouling.
  • Water savings from not needing to triple rinse drums from increased cycles of concentration.
  • Reduces costs from health issues due to chemical exposure and drum handling injuries.

WPT Solid Chemistry ProductsIMPACT


Making the switch to solids delivers significant impact.

If you're still using liquids, now is the time to make the switch. Get proven water treatment results without shipping water or handling hazardous chemical drums.

In most cases, solid chemistry for water treatment is the same chemistry used in liquids. The only difference is that we're not shipping water or putting people at risk by moving dangerous liquid solutions in 30- or 55-gallon drums around worksites, universities, lodging and other locations. Across the globe, solids provide an effective alternative for treating water where shipping, storage, and handling constraints of liquid chemicals are prohibitive.

Making the switch to solids is easy and will make your water treatment program more efficient and sustainable.

There are so many significant benefits of solid chemistry over liquid chemistry it's important to consider the trade-offs.

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