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MagStrainer develops advanced magnetic filtration technologies and products for various applications with specialization in the hydronics industry. MagStrainer products ensure the quality and longevity of equipment by removing harmful iron oxide and other contaminants from systems. 

MagStrainer technologies and products are developed by PRM Filtration. PRM Filtration, a U.S. based company located in Butner, North Carolina, is a pioneer and leader in the area of environmental remediation and one of the nation's leading providers of industrial-grade parts, supplies, and equipment in varied filtration technologies.

As a company, PRM Filtration has dedicated itself to environmentally friendly technologies and implementation. MagStrainer was developed and engineered with that same environmental focus. MagStrainer ensures the safety of water systems and helps conserve and sustain complex water systems for life extension, thus benefiting and stewarding those resources, reducing the impact of replacement and disposal of old systems. MagStrainer filtration products requires no consumable or disposable products.

The MagStrainer Advantage 


The MagStrainer H1 uniquely combines three key filtration elements in one unit: a powerful magnet set, a bag filter for other larger particulate matter, and a chemical pot feeder for dosing and system maintenance. 

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Some Advantages:

  • Size:

    MagStrainer is the only product on the market that is not limited by size. Our filters can be placed on pipes as large as 32".
  • Power:

    Our magnets are the most powerful magnets available on the market today. MagStrainer filters utilize Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (12,000 Gauss).
  • Smarts:

    When you work with MagStrainer you are not only getting a superior product, you are getting our expert consultation available for testing, specifying, installation, and ongoing operations. 
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Introducing: MagStrainer Magnetic Filtration!

MagStrainer filters are ideal for removing sludge and magnetite from all commercial and industrial hydronic systems

WPT Solid SystemThe Problem of Sludge

The build-up of Magnetite (iron oxide) negatively impacts many types of equipment in diverse contexts. Typically the "sludge" in hydronic systems is wrongly attributed simply to dirt. In fact the sludge is made up primarily of iron oxided combined with other contaminants.

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